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Are you looking to secure your pool area? You have come to the right place. Sunshine Coast Pool Fencing Services is known for it’s Semi-frameless Glass Fencing for the people of Brisbane.

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We are a licenced and certified company fencing residential and commercial pool for decades. We know how to make your pool look without compromising on the security. There have been hundreds of cases of kids drowning in the pool water, pool fences are essential if you have kids in your home. Kids or pets often go close to the pool area and fall in the pool, such accidents can be drastic. It wouldn’t want to regret not putting safety fences either out of ignorance or to save money. Moreover, Australian Government has strict rules on pool safety, you need to mandatorily secure your pool area with a fence so kids can’t access it. Sunshine Coast Pool Fencing Services is known for it’s amazing Semi frameless glass fence designs. We have become the industry’s top choice for architectural safety fencing. Sunshine Coast Pool Fencing Services is known for its premium glass fence manufacturing and distributing across Brisbane. We are the first choice for many of the residences and businesses of Brisbane. We are known for our quality, quick installation, good quality products and good customer care.

Semi Frameless Glass Fence

Why Pool Fencing?

Having a pool fence is absolutely essential for any household. Houses with pool fences have to pay a lower insurance premium. The property value of our house will be much higher if you have a pool fence. Commercial places with pools need to follow safety protocol to get approval to run public pools by securing the pool with fences. Many people do not like the idea of metal or PVC fencing around the pool. It doesn’t go with the aesthetics and looks out of place. With Semi frameless glass fencing you won’t have that problem. Semi frameless glass fences look in place with your sophisticated or homey pools. You would be able to control who accesses the pool area with intelligent lock technology on the glass grates. No one can break the glass easily since the glass is made of strong tempered glass that isn’t easy to break.

Professional Fence Contractor

You Can Trust Our Craftsmanship

Sunshine Coast Pool Fencing Services has all the necessary tools and modern technology to perform quality installation of the semi frameless glass fencing. We train our workers to be the best in the industry. We understand the importance of skilled work. All our workers go through a thorough screening process and we only choose the best for you. The designed planned by expert architects who have years of experience in fence designing that compliments the look of your property.

Our glass fencing has 100% visibility without any haziness. The glass used is top in quality, and completely transparent. No matter where your pool is located, how big it is and what is the shape we have installation procedure for all kids of pool fences. Our semi frameless glass fences can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings. Or in commercial and residential properties across Brisbane. The glass is of industrial quality that can take high impact without getting a blemish. Let us design your pool fence to give your pool a new life and secure it from any unwanted accidents.

Semi Frameless Glass Fence Manufacture

If there is one company that designs the best semi frameless glass fences for pools in Brisbane it is us. We manufacture our own frames and put together the glass fence. We will customise the fence that will enhance the look of your property. It will make your property thousand times more elegant. When you hire Sunshine Coast Pool Fencing Services you get competitively priced, affordable pool fences. We will never charge more than what is reasonable for our fences, or our labour.

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Timely Work

We believe in timely work. Call us and we will dispatch our team to the earliest. You need to set an appointment, you can do that well. We will come to your place whenever you are available and take proper measurements, talk to you personally show you the material and the design. Once everything is done you will be given an estimate. You can decide how, when and what you want, only then we start working.

We will finish the work in the mentioned without compromising on the quality.


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