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Sunshine Coast Pool Fencing Services is the first company the local people think of when it comes to repairing glass fences. We handle everything related to glass pool fences, whether it’s repair, maintenance or installation, we are the leaders in the industry.

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With more than two decades of experience, we have the necessary knowledge and training to do our job quickly and with efficiency. No matter the type of glass fencing you have, framed, frameless or semi frameless, we will repair it for you. We design and install all types of glass fences and have the necessary tools, equipment and spare parts to do the necessary repairs.

Glass Fences are tough no doubt, they are made of tempered and laminated glasses that can withstand extreme force without an issue. However, tempered or not, they are glass and blunt hot by sharp objects can break them, it can be broken from someone slamming against it or from an object thrown at it. Frameless glasses are particularly vulnerable in the regard and can shatter. Our years of installation of glass pool fencing also makes us an expert at repair of the same. Shattered glass panels of pool fences are not very common, due to their durability but accidents do happen and you need to have a reliable company to offer repair when needed.

Glass Fence Repair

The Services We Offer

We offer repairs for residential and commercial glass pool fences. No matter the type of pool you have, the type of glass and the type of material you have we will help you.

If you have a broken glass panel, we can replace the panel with the same quality of glass material. The replacement would take just a few hours and the end product will be of your satisfaction. If you notice broken or chipped glass panels for your pool fencing don’t ignore it. They look bad in your pool and are a threat to people around the pool. Such glass panels can break at any time. Make sure to replace such glass panels to the earliest. We offer affordable repair service that you would love.

If the frame of the glass pool,fence are bent or damaged somehow, not every fencing company would be able to help it. We have all kinds of frame material at our stockroom, we will replace and repair your damaged frame and broken glass.

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Why Get Your Glass Pool Fence Repaired From a Licensed Company

In some cases, problems with your glass fencing repair may lead to failure to comply with Australian pool fencing regulations. The same is true for rusted gates, frames, latches that can all be replaced or retro-fitted with modern, warranted products. Sunshine Coast Pool Fencing Services offers some of the most reliable repair of frameless glass pool fencing.
We are not like other pool fence repair companies who do a quick job and patch work that will look bad and out of place. We make sure that our work is flawless. You won’t notice the fence ever had an issue when you get it repaired by us.

We recommend calling our expert team every couple of years for regular maintenance of the pool fence to ensure fence and family safety.

Why Repair Broken Glass Pool Fences?

If your glass pool fencing gets damaged, it must be immediately repaired so that it remains in accordance with government safety standards. Latches on gates must always be in working order, so that they close effectively and young kids can not simply push their way through the gate. Broken or cracked glass panels will need to be replaced, and even those missing a piece at the corner may be a hazard to hands of small prayers.

As soon as your pool fence gets damaged it is no longer safe for your family and friends, that’s why it’s so important to get the damage fixed immediately.

When it comes to full service repairs or serious damage, you can rely on your glass pool fencing repairs to trust Sunshine Coast Pool Fencing Services.

We are your specialist repairers with over two decades of experience in the supply, installation and repair of glass pool fencing in and around Brisbane. Get repair of your broken glass pool fence in a timely, quick and quality manner today. Call us, right now.

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