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Pool fences are important to protect your kids and pets from downing. In Australia alone there have been more than a hundred cases of kids drowning in their house pool in the last few years.

Professional Aluminium Fence Instalaltion In QLD And It’s Surrounding Areas

The international figures are even more drastic. There is no doubt that, Pool fences can save a child’s life and prevent major downing accidents from happening. All major public pools, whether it’s gymnasium pool, hotel pools, resort pools, cruise ship pools or any other public pool, they will secure the pool area with fencing.

There are several types of fencing available in the market, one of the popular one is Aluminium fencing. There are permanent and temporary types of aluminum pool fencing available as well. Aluminum is a versatile metal and several designs available to secure your pool. You can either go for the ornamental aluminum fencing or mesh aluminum fencing or any other type.
Sunshine Coast Pool Fencing Services has years of experience in designing and installing the quality aluminum fencing. We are proud of our product quality, customer service and distribution of child safety pool products for residential and commercial properties.

Aluminium Fence Installation

We Promise You The Best In The Industry

We bring all our raw material from reputed supply chains in Australia. You get local products that have government safety approval. We have a whole array of aluminum fencing products that you can choose from. The designs, colours, types are many, you will have a big selection to pick from. We have mesh aluminum fencing which doesn’t obstruct the view of the pool, as well as privacy fencing for people who want that added privacy along with child safety. We only carry all components needed for a successful installation of the Aluminium Pool fence, we also have trained technicians and machinery to do the work quickly.

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Why Choose Aluminium Fence

Aluminium is the first choice for many when it comes to pool privacy fencing. It not only comes in various designs that you can choose from, it is also resistant to corrosion. It doesn;t as much maintenance. You can let it be, it won’t rust. Since fences need to be close to water, metal fences often fail and start to rust, not aluminum fencing. It is resistant to rusting and doesn’t need regular cleaning or polishing, making it a first choice for many pool owners.

Another reason aluminum is the prefered fence is because of its lightweight. If you are installing temporary aluminum fencing for a special occasion, like a party or get together, you can easily move the aluminum fencing. Aluminum Fences are light and do not need as much strength to move them like other metal fences.

It takes very little time to install the aluminum fence and this means your home fencing project can be completed in a short amount of time and keep you out of the hot sun. It will save you money on the number of work hours needed to install our fences.

We Promise You The Best Aluminum Fence Installation In Brisbane

When you hire us we promise locally manufactured products with a lifetime warranty. You get trained screened installers who have decades of experience in the field. You can stay assured that you are getting the best service in the city when you choose us. We install temporary fencing for your pool, permanent aluminum ornamental fencing that will compliment your property and privacy fencing of the best quality.

Our products and services are affordable and competitively priced in every aspect. We install secure gates with locks that only the adults can operate. We will cause the least amount of damage on your property when we install aluminum fencing for you. We are one of the few companies that offer a locking system to prevent children and animals from removing the fence.

Aluminum fences are pretty much indestructible. They will stand strong against the weather elements. They Can’t be bent or broken into. They won’t corrode and no matter how much chlorinated your pool water is, it won’t be affected by it.

With our large inventory of aluminum castings design your own decorative aluminum fence to create anything you can imagine for your home or commercial pool project in Brisbane.

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