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Sunshine Coast Pool Fencing Services is a family owned pool fencing company operating in Sunshine Coast and the surrounding areas. We have more than two decades of experience in installing quality fences for Australian pools.

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We are certified and licensed to carry out fencing services for residential and commercial pools. As a certified company we are well aware of the protocols to build a pool fence that follows all the rules and regulations.  We build strong and durable glass fences for your pool that is highly effective in keeping your kids and pets out. The gates have a child safety lock feature and the height of the fence prevents them from jumping over the fence. We install and supply the parts needed to build a functional and safe pool fence.

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Our technicians are trained regularly to stay up to date with modern techniques. We promise you quality work and quality products at a reasonable price.

We specialise in glass pool fencing. We install frameless and semi frameless glass fences. The glass we use is of the termerped kind, that is strong does not break easily and even if it does, it does so in small pieces that doesn’t hurt anyone. Installing frameless glass gives an uninterrupted view of the pool and secures the pool without decreasing the aesthetic value. Our workers know how to install the glass fences to maximise the beauty of your pool.

We also install aluminium fences of different kinds. We can install privacy fencing around your pool to separate the pool area from the rest of the property. We can make ornamental or mesh fencing with aluminum. We can mix and match and be creative with our designs. You can choose from the wide range of templates we have.

We understand securing your pool is important for the safety of your kids. That is why we have a reliable team that will install a pool in a timely manner. Sunshine Coast Pool Fencing Services has a good reputation among the clients who call us for all of the pool fencing requirements. We handle everything related to glass pool fencing. If you want us for installation, we are there. If you want us to repair your glass pool fence, do not hesitate to call us. Are prompt with our response and make sure to fix the glass pool as soon as we can. We are a customer centric company and we are sure satisfied with the work we perform.

Call one of our experts at your property to give you a free estimate. We will measure the area of the property. We will inform you about all the material and design options. If you have a customer design in mind, we can talk about it as well. You say it we will do it for you. After we have gotten all the information, we can give you a detailed estimate. We promise you, our prices will never go above the estimated price. We are an ethical company and we will bill you only the reasonable amount, never a penny more.

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Sunshine Coast Pool Fencing Services has years of experience and a skilled team to install pool fences and provide fence maintenance services in Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


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